Vanishing Act, a 5-minute play
about a woman who believes she's invisible
premiere: Theater for one, Times Square, directed by Christine Jones, NYC, June 2011
Booth for Two, Dialogue Optional  The New York Times


The Collecting Place, a 5-minute play
about a giant camera obscura
premiere: Theater for one, Times Square, directed by Brian Mertes NYC, June 2011


The Orchard, the Handkerchief, and the Carbon Copyists, a one-act play
commissioned by Lynn Thompson for America-In-Play
• workshop: Bates College, 2007
• reading: Hudson Opera House, 2007
• reading: America-In-Play, Tribeca Arts Center, 2007


The Polish Doorman, a 10-minute play
finalist: Humana Festival 10-minute play contest, Louisville, 2005
publication: The Brooklyn Review, 2005

Blue Hyacinths. an adaptation of Dawn Powell's short story
premiere: "Permanent Visitor," a Dawn Powell festival, produced by New Georges and Sightlines Theater
directed by Sabrina Peck, 78th Street Theater, NYC, 2002

Tilt-a-Whirl, Indie Theater’s 1st Annual One-Minute Play Festival the Ohio Theatre, 2015
When I Was Eleven, New Georges 2nd Annual George Sand One-Minute Play Festival, 2015
Hardy Bulbs, New George’s 1st Annual George Sand One-Minute Play Festival, Intar, 2014