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The Sweetest Life

created by
Saskia Lane (music) and Stephanie Fleischmann (words)
Damon Daunno, Julian Crouch, Elena Moon Park, Liam Robinson

Friday March 18 & Saturday March 19, 7 pm
BricLab residency / work in progress
BRIC House 647 Fulton Street, downtown Brooklyn
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From tiny blue blossom to thread to tablecloth...
this compendium of offbeat, soulful songs
(a riff on "The Flax" by Hans Christian Andersen),
chronicles the misadventures of a humble, hopeful flax plant.

A celebration of the transformative properties of the simplest of materials.
A treatise on loss of innocence and resilience in the face of life’s hard knocks.
A meditation on how a thing gets used, and how using that thing changes us.

Later Event: May 13
After the Storm