The Sweetest life
Is nothing more
Than a field of blue
A flicker behind that door


a song cycle / music-theater work
inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Flax"

created by
Saskia Lane (music) & Stephanie Fleischmann (words)
directed by Melissa Kievman
created in collaboration with Julian Crouch

A treatise on loss of innocence and resilience in the face of life’s hard knocks, The Sweetest Life melds concert and theater to tell the story of the life cycle of a humble, hopeful flax plant via a compendium of offbeat, soulful songs, strands of spoken text, and a handful of theatrical gestures that will animate and transpose the convention of a band playing a gig into that of a “band” of storytellers who have come together to impart a story through music, word, and image.


BRIC Arts l Media House BRIClab Residency, March 2016, Brooklyn, NY
with Saskia Lane (bass), Damon Daunno (guitar), Julian Crouch (banjo), Elena Moon Park (fiddle), and Liam Robinson (keys and accordion)

Residency #2, December 2017, NYC—to be announced