photos: Peter Norrman

a live cinematic song cycle

words by Stephanie Fleischmann
music by Christina Campanella
video by Peter Norrman
directed by Mallory Catlett
created & produced by Latitude 14

This meditation on departure and return and the ephemeral nature of insects investigates the elliptical obsessions at play between men and women, and how we communicate—or don’t—when we are at war with each other and ourselves.

Veering between the miniature and that which is larger than life, between intimacy and alienation, high-tech and low, absolute restraint and deep reserves of emotion, Tinder melds an insouciant post-industrial street-busking sensibility with high art to deliver richly layered songs and mesmerizing video deployed via a series of mechanical found-object contraptions.


• Exit Festival, Creteil (Paris), France, 2009
• HERE Arts Center, NYC 2010